What to Do When The Other Insurance Company Contacts You in Your Accident Case

Insurance agencies, just like big credit corporations, have lots of tricks up their sleeves. In fact, the truth is, car insurance Ontario agencies have over time found methods to lower your settlement amount by getting you to admit the accident wasn’t as bad as you said or admitting that you were partially at fault.

Insurance adjusters like to catch you off guard.  You really never know when they are going to call you, so, it’s always good to keep the details, like medical bills or police reports, from your accident on hand near you.  But, keep in mind that you need to stick strictly to the facts. A car crash lawyer can keep you from being pushed around by insurance companies and stop you from falling for their tricks.

There are tricks, such as telling a victim that a recorded statement is necessary the day after the accident or the claim will be closed.  The adjuster is lying if he says that! Also, there is no requirement under the law that you have to give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster before settling your claim. It will benefit the insurance adjuster if you do give a recorded statement.