Things You Should Have In Your Car In Case of an Accident

Drivers have the unfortunate task of having to prepare for all types of weather conditions, especially in the winter. As an auto accident attorney, I want to prepare my clients for the worst. What if you’ve done everything you need to have done and you still end up in an accident. What do you do?

In any normal situation, whether you’ve rear-ended someone or just run off the road, you would call the police, review the accident report, seek medical attention, etc. But what if the winter weather that caused the accident is now also preventing help from reaching you?

The following is a list of things to keep in your car to keep yourself prepared for winter accidents:

Basic first aid kit: This is pretty self-explanatory, besides most people have this in their car regardless of weather.

Blankets, water bottles, and non-perishable food: If you end up being stuck for a long time, you’ll be glad you had these basic survival items.

Full tank of gas: Again, if you’re stuck for a long period of time, and running the car is a safe option, you’ll want to be able to run it and turn the heat on periodically. Another thing a full tank of gas does is give your car some extra weight;this will give you traction and more control over the vehicle.

Flashlight: Although a popular rumor, accidents actually do not just occur on well-lit streets or during the day time.

Cell phone: Don’t use it while driving, but it’s still always good to have one on hand for emergencies.

Ice scraper: If you don’t clear your windshield of ice you can cause some big problems; poor visibility is a leading cause of car crashes.

Kitty litter: Gross, right? You’ll probably want to keep some (unused) sand or kitty litter around if you plan on leaving your vehicle parked for longer than an hour, or if there’s snow and ice on the ground. Sprinkle some around the ground near your tires to help improve traction and prevent spin outs.

Shovel: A small shovel might come in handy if you need to dig yourself out of a snow drift or clear excess snow from your tires.